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What is the principle of impact drill

What is the working principle of impact drill?
During the operation, the percussive electric drill relies on the percussion chisel on the one hand and the drill bit on the other hand. In this way, it can reduce and avoid the bit sticking caused by mixing hard materials in the uneven working objects.
In addition, the impact drill has a clutch, which can automatically slip when the tool is overloaded or the bit is stuck, so as to prevent the motor from overload and burning. According to the different impact mechanism, the impact drill can be divided into big tooth type and steel ball type.
The impact drill is composed of motor, speed change system, impact structure (gear disc clutch), transmission shaft, gear, chuck, drill bit, control switch and handle.
The power source of the electric impact drill is the motor. The gear changes speed to drive the transmission shaft to rotate, and then mesh with the gear. The disc clutch has one tooth with a stationary gear. The adjusting ring on the head of the impact drill is provided with the marks of drill bit and hammer. When the pointer of the knuckle ring is adjusted to the direction of "drill bit", the dynamic clutch is supported and separated from the static clutch.
At this time, the gear directly drives the drill bit to make a single rotary movement. When the pointer of the adjusting ring is adjusted to the direction of "hammer", the dynamic clutch is put down to contact with the static clutch. When the street wheel of the electric drill rotates, it passes through the uneven contact surface of the clutch to produce impact movement, which is transmitted to the drill bit to form impact and rotation.
The above is the working principle of electric tool impact drill.