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What is the installation method of electric hammer drill

What is the installation method of electric hammer drill

1. Before installing the drill bit, press the chuck under the drill bit eye of the electric hammer to the end to separate the chuck from the drill bit eye, then insert the drill bit into the eye to the end, and then loosen the chuck to return it to its position.

2. When installing, directly insert the drill bit into the electric hammer chuck.

3. Turn left and right until the bit is automatically locked.

4. Pull the drill bit to determine whether it is properly locked.

5. After installation, lift the electric hammer and press the drill bit against the wall or the ground for a test drill. If there is an obvious sense of impact, the drill bit is in place. Otherwise, reinstall it.

The difference between electric hammer bit and electric drill bit

1. The material of the drill bit is different.

The center of the head of the electric hammer bit is inlaid with a sheet of hard alloy, and the whole body of the electric drill bit is made of high-speed steel.

2. Different appearance.

Electric drill bits are generally of equal diameter, and the diameter of the carbide outer edge of the drill head of the electric hammer is slightly larger than the diameter of the drill body. Because of the connection form with the electric hammer, there are various shapes, such as square, triangle, spiral, etc. .

3. The cutting edge is different. The cutting edge of the electric drill is used for metal cutting. It has a certain angle and slope, and the cutting edge is sharp, while the electric hammer drill has no cutting edge and only chamfers on both sides. Another example is to grind an electric hammer bit into an electric drill bit form, and an electric drill can also be used to drill holes on the wall.

Safe operation method of electric hammer

1. Personal protection when using electric hammer

1. The operator should wear protective glasses to protect the eyes. When working with the face up, wear a protective mask.

2. Earplugs should be plugged during long-term operation to reduce the influence of noise.

3. The drill bit is in a hot state after long-term operation, so please pay attention to burn your skin when replacing it.

4. When working, use side handles and operate with both hands to prevent the arm from being sprained by the reaction force when the rotor is blocked.

5. When standing on a ladder or working at a height, measures for falling from a height should be taken. The ladder should be supported by ground personnel.

2. Matters needing attention before operation

1. Confirm whether the power supply connected to the site matches the nameplate of the electric hammer. Whether there is a leakage protector connected.

2. The drill bit and the holder should be adapted and installed properly.

3. When drilling walls, ceilings, and floors, confirm whether there are buried cables or pipes.

4. When working at high places, pay full attention to the safety of objects and pedestrians below, and set up warning signs when necessary.

5. Confirm whether the switch on the electric hammer is off. If the power switch is on, the power tool will turn unexpectedly when the plug is inserted into the power socket, which may cause personal injury.

6. If the work site is far away from the power source and the cable needs to be extended, use a qualified extension cable with sufficient capacity. If the extension cable passes through the pedestrian walkway, it should be elevated or take measures to prevent the cable from being crushed and damaged.