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What is the difference between electric pick and electric hammer

Difference between electric pick and electric hammer
1. Electric hammer
Electric hammer is a kind of electric rotary hammer drill with safety clutch and pneumatic hammering mechanism. The electric hammer uses the principle of piston movement to impact the drill bit with compressed gas. It can open 6-100 mm holes in concrete, brick, stone and other hard materials without much effort. The electric hammer has high efficiency in opening holes in the above materials, but it can't open holes in metal.
The electric hammer is suitable for drilling holes on hard building materials such as concrete and masonry. The hammer is driven by a single-phase series motor. It has rotary belt impact, single rotation and single function. Single rotation and rotary belt impact are suitable for drilling holes on brittle materials such as concrete, rock, masonry, porcelain and so on. Single impact can shovel trench and dig on concrete and brick wall. The shovel condition and electric hammer power are large, and the processing ability is strong. The drilling diameter is usually between 12-50 mm. Different working heads can be selected for various operations. Electric hammers are generally equipped with overload protection device, which can automatically slip when the face is overloaded or the drill bit is stuck, without causing the motor to burn out. The electric hammers with the center size of less than 23mm are generally made into adjustable structures with hammer drill and only rotating two gears. Some small and medium-sized electric hammers have the function of forward and reverse rotation, which can be used as electric screwdrivers Some electric hammers are equipped with hammer drilling power. Some electric hammers are equipped with an impact gear without rotation. The working head of the electric pick can be used as an electric pick.

2. Electric pick
Electric pick is to let the electric motor drive the throwing mound to do the bouncing operation, so that the pick has the effect of chiseling the ground. The pump hammer in the electric pick bounces back and forth to produce the effect of chiseling the ground, but the electric pick only chisels, and its pick does not rotate.
The electric pick is mainly used for crushing, chiseling, digging, cutting, concrete, brick, stone, ice, etc., in the assembly of pipes. Cable laying, sanitary equipment installation, mechanical installation, water supply and drainage facilities. Interior decoration, port facilities construction and other civil engineering construction have been widely used, according to the needs of more money, different forms of shovel, cutting head, different operations. It is widely used in construction and decoration industry. The difference between electric pick and electric hammer is that electric pick has no rotation function, only has impact function, and the impact energy is large.

How to use electric pick correctly
1. Installation or removal of hammer head
Before the installation or disassembly of the hammer, be sure to disconnect the power switch of the electric pick and pull out the power plug from the power socket.
Installation and disassembly of four pit hammer head: pull down the adjusting ring completely, and then insert the hammer head into the hammer head clamp and insert it all the way. At this time, if the adjusting ring is loosened, the ring will automatically push back to its original position to fix the hammer head. After installation, be sure to try to pull the hammer outward to make sure it is fixed in place. When removing the hammer head, pull down the adjusting ring completely, and then pull out the hammer head.
Installation and disassembly of hexagonal hammer head: for example, for 65 electric pick, pull out the lock pin and rotate 180 at the same time. Then the flat side of the drill bit faces the lock pin, inserts it into the hexagonal hole, and then rotates the lock pin 180 at the same time. Clamp the drill bit. When removing the drill bit, pull out the lock pin and rotate 180 at the same time. Then pull out the drill bit.
38 type electric pick with iron clip, first pull one end of the iron clip open, and then install or remove the hammer.

2. Operation of power switch
Before inserting the power plug of the electric pick, make sure that the power switch can buckle freely, and whether it can return to the "off" (off) position after releasing the power switch.
When you want to turn on the machine, just push the power switch; when you release the power switch, you can turn off the machine. For continuous operation, the power switch can be pulled, and then the lock button can be pressed. To turn off the power switch from the locked position, push the power switch to the bottom, and then release it.
3. Use of electric pick
When the hammer is installed in place, the recoil motion can be effectively controlled by using the weight of the machine and holding the electric pick tightly with both hands. To start working at a proper speed, too much force will reduce efficiency.
4. Check the hammer head
The use of a blunt hammer will make the motor work out of order and reduce the working efficiency. Therefore, if the hammer head is obviously worn, it should be replaced with new parts immediately or ground fast.
5. Grinding chisel
Only the use of sharp chisel, can achieve good results, so it is necessary to grind the chisel on time to extend the service life and ensure good operation effect. When grinding chisel, grinding wheel (such as diamond grinding wheel) can be used, and water should be continuously watered during grinding. The grinding size should be reasonably controlled to ensure that the chisel peak will not appear fire color, otherwise the hardness of the chisel will be affected.
6. Check the mounting screws
Always check whether the mounting screws are tight. If the screws are loose, retighten them immediately, otherwise serious accidents will occur.
7. Extension cable
If the working site is far away from the power supply, the extension cable with sufficient current carrying capacity (enough cross-sectional area of the wire) shall be used, and it shall be as short as possible without joints. Damaged cables should be repaired or replaced in time. In winter, antifreeze cable should be used, and anti falling socket should be used.
8. Grounding
Class I electric pick must be grounded when using, in order to prevent the operator from electric shock. The pickaxe is equipped with a three core conductor and a grounding plug to accommodate a normally grounded socket. The green and yellow wire in the cable is the ground wire. Do not connect the green and yellow wire to the phase line.
9. Others
The electric pickaxe is a kind of intermittent working tool. When it is overheated, the operation should be suspended so that the machine can continue to operate after natural cooling. It is recommended to cool for 5-10 minutes after continuous operation every 10-15 minutes.
When using, be careful of hidden wires, gas pipes and water pipes. You can use metal detector to check the working area before working.
When operating the electric pick in a low temperature working environment, because the oil is thickened, the electric pick sometimes does not start to impact even if the motor rotates. When the electric pick is used again at low temperature or after long-term use, it must be preheated for a period of time (about 5 minutes of operation) before the electric pickaxe can work at full power. The warm-up time can be shortened by briefly tapping the ground with the working head.

Precautions for use of electric pick
1. Please wear a hard hat, safety glasses and protective mask. It is also recommended to wear dust masks, ear protectors and thick padded gloves.
2. Before operation, make sure that the chisel is fixed in the specified position.
3. In general operation, the tool works by vibration. As a result, the screw is easy to loosen, which may lead to breakage or accident. Therefore, the screws must be carefully checked for tightness before operation.
4. In cold season or when the tool is not used for a long time, it should be allowed to run for several minutes without load to heat the tool.
5. Be sure to stand in a strong place. When using tools at height, make sure that there is no one below.
6. Do not let go of the tool when rotating. The tool can only be started when the tool is picked up by hand.
7. During operation, do not point the chisel to anyone present. The punch may fly out and cause serious personal injury accident.
8. When the chisel is chiseled into the wall, floor or any place where the wire may be buried, never touch any metal part of the tool. Hold the plastic handle or side grip of the tool to prevent electric shock caused by chiseling into the buried wire.
9. Do not touch the chisel or the parts near the chisel immediately after operation. Because it can be very hot and scald the skin.