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What are the power tools?

If you want to decorate yourself, you can't do without electric hammer, drill and other electric tools. Compared with traditional hand tools, electric tools are easy to use and work efficiently, and the frequency of using power tools in daily life and work is also higher and higher. Do you know what power tools are available? What are the electric tool accessories?

Introduction to electric tools
Electric tool is a kind of tool which is operated by hand, driven by low-power motor or electromagnet and driven by transmission mechanism.
Advantages: electric tools have the advantages of easy to carry, simple operation and various functions, which can greatly reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency and realize manual operation mechanization. Therefore, they are widely used in construction, housing decoration, automobile, machinery, electric power, bridge, horticulture and other fields, and a large number of them enter the family.
Features: the features of electric tools are light structure, small volume, light weight, small vibration, low noise, flexible operation, easy to control and operate, easy to carry and use, strong and durable. Compared with manual tools, it can increase labor productivity several times to dozens of times, and is more efficient, lower cost and easier to control than pneumatic tools.
What are the electric tool accessories: rotor, stator, gear, bearing, switch, carbon brush, carbon brush holder, carbon brush cover, power line.

What are the power tools

1. Power tools can be divided into

Electric drill

Tools for drilling holes in metal materials, plastics, etc. It can be used as an electric screwdriver when equipped with a forward and reverse switch and an electronic speed control device. Some models are equipped with rechargeable batteries, which can work normally for a certain period of time without external power supply.

Electric hammer

Power tools used for drilling masonry, concrete, artificial or natural stones, etc. The functions of electric drill and electric hammer can be used interchangeably. Light drills are widely used SDS-PLUS drill chucks and drill bits, medium and heavy hammer drills are replaced with SDS-MAX chucks and drill bits, and chisels can be clamped.

Impact drill

Power tools mainly used for drilling hard materials such as masonry and concrete. When the impact mechanism is closed, it can also be used as an ordinary electric drill.

Jig saw

Mainly used for cutting steel, wood, plastic and other materials, saw blade reciprocating or swinging up and down, most suitable for cutting precise straight lines or curves.

Angle Grinder

Mainly used for grinding steel and stone. Commonly used grinding disc diameters are 100mm, 125mm, 180mm, 230mm.

Marble machine

Generally, stone is cut. Dry or wet cutting can be selected. Common saw blades include: dry saw blade, wet saw blade, and wet and dry saw blade. Home improvement is used to cut wall and floor tiles.

Cutting Machine

Mainly used for cutting aluminum and wood at different angles. When using, pay attention to tightening the saw blade and wearing goggles.

Electric planer

The electric planer is an electric tool with a rotating knife shaft. It is mainly used for planing wood and plastic surfaces. The planer can be adjusted.


Used for sanding wood. Need to install sandpaper.

Engraving machine

It is used for edge-cutting, drawing and carving of wood.

2. Common symbols for electric tools

"Back" means double insulation mark

3. The accessories of the electric drill can be divided into

Twist Drill

Most suitable for materials such as iron and aluminum alloy. It can also be used to beat wooden materials, but the positioning is not accurate and easy to beat.

Hole opener

Suitable for opening holes on iron and wood materials.

Wood drill bit

Specially used to beat wooden materials. With a positioning rod for precise positioning.

Glass drill bit

Suitable for punching holes in glass.

Electric tools are characterized by light structure, small size, light weight, low vibration, low noise, flexible operation, easy control and operation, easy to carry, strong and durable. Pay attention to the following points when purchasing power tools.

The outer packaging of the tool should be clearly patterned and not damaged. The plastic box should be strong. The buckle for opening the plastic box should be strong and durable.

The length of the cable of the tool should generally not be less than 2 meters.

The nameplate parameters of the tool should be consistent with those on the CCC certificate. The manual should have the detailed address and contact information of the manufacturer and the manufacturer. There should be a traceable batch number on the nameplate or certificate.

Hold the tool with your hand, turn on the power, operate the switch frequently to start the tool frequently, and observe whether the on-off function of the tool switch is reliable.

The tool should be energized and run for one minute, and there should be no abnormal noise when running.