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The emergence of power tools has changed the way of human production

With the continuous progress of science and technology, more and more power tools have emerged to improve work efficiency and replace heavy physical work. It is no exaggeration to say that the emergence of power tools has changed the face of the world. Tools are the tools that give human mechanical advantages. There are many birds and primates in the animal world who also use tools, but there is one thing that makes us different from them, and that is power. Unlike other animals in the animal kingdom, we humans rely not only on the strength of the body, but also on other sources of energy to drive tools.

We may not have superpowers, but we have power tools. Power tools cover all aspects of our life, medical treatment, manufacturing, construction, rescue and so on. During the industrial revolution in the 19th century, factories used gas, steam and electricity to give tools more power. Since the 1960s, people have transformed power tools again to be used in ordinary families. The global market share of power tools is 23.4 billion US dollars. About 40% of them are from North America, 22% from Asia and 27% from Europe, of which power tools account for about 75% of all power tools sold.

The power of electric tools depends on how much voltage they can withstand. You can think of the voltage as water pressure. The greater the pressure of water management, the stronger the water flow. The same is true of voltage. The more volts in a tool, the more power the tool can produce. Getting enough voltage also means plugging in power, but the discovery of batteries changed that. Battery powered tools were first used on the moon in the 1960s. Apollo astronauts needed a small hand-held electric drill to drill into the surface of the moon to collect soil samples, so engineers designed a special battery pack for power tools. This unique invention was first applied to the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner launched in 1979. After that, it led to the reform of household power tools.

The power tools we know and use depend on people's physical strength, electricity, gasoline and compressed air, but the tools used by professionals are more powerful. In some car racing scene, we will often see the car maintenance personnel use the pneumatic wrench to remove the tire, because the race has the time limit, they have to race against the clock to save time. It takes only 12 seconds for maintenance personnel to remove the nuts of four tires, because the speed of the mine gun wrench can reach 25000 revolutions in one minute. It's powered by compressed air, compared to a standard pneumatic wrench at 2000 rpm. The speed of the mine gun is 12.5 times that of them. This speed can remove a nut in 0.2 seconds to remove a tire nut. If a standard pneumatic wrench is used. Instead of the thunder gun, the 12 seconds it takes to change the tire becomes three minutes.

In the 19th century, there is a legendary story, in which the hero is John Henry. He is a railway worker. This worker is the strongest worker at that time. His job is to put nails into the track. No one can compare with him at that time. Then a power tool was born. The appearance of pneumatic hammer made people no longer need to use brute force to hammer nails. The worker fearlessly challenged the hammer, and the man-machine war began. Who can beat faster? In the end, human Henry won. But he died soon because he was overdrawn. Of course, it's just a legend. In today's era, even the commonly used hammers and nails can not escape the elimination of human progress.

A new type of power tool nail gun appears, its speed is at least ten times that of a hammer, and it can shoot 100 nails per minute, far beyond the efficiency of human power. There is also our most common electric saw, which uses a two-stroke starting engine. Although it is small, it has a powerful engine that can drive equipment like lawn mowers and motorcycles. When using the electric saw, the operator only needs to pull the rope to start the starter to drive the steel teeth on the saw chain to cut wood. The advent of these power tools has revolutionized the construction industry.

Of course, in addition to production and manufacturing, power tools can also be used to save lives. Power tools can also achieve surgical precision. In the past, surgeons have switched from major resection to minimally invasive surgery. In order to achieve this, doctors need technical support. Technology often means the need for power tools. We all know that surgeons do surgery with surgical blades. The problem is that the incision will bleed. Now there is an electric tool for surgery. The tip of the needle will be heated, and it can cut and coagulate the wound like a scalpel. Coagulation means hemostasis, which is very important for surgeons. It is driven by human beings to turn materials into endless high-tech equipment and inject real power into power tools.