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What are the interior decoration tools?

With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to interior decoration, because its effect directly reflects the owner's aesthetic and taste. Therefore, in order to better decoration effect, many people want to buy some decoration tools for house decoration. So, what are the tools used to decorate the house? The following brings you relevant knowledge, hoping to bring you better decoration effect.

Range finder for decoration
Tape measure: it is mainly used to measure the net height, net width and cabinet size of the house. Check whether the reserved space is reasonable and whether the size of the kitchen cabinet is consistent with the original design.
Steel ruler: one of the most commonly used measuring tools is a strip ruler made of thin steel sheet, which can be drawn into a metal box, so steel ruler includes steel ruler and steel tape.
Feeler gauge: it is mainly used to check the gap between two joint surfaces, so it is also called "feeler gauge" or "seam gauge". The thickness of each ruler is marked with mm.
Vernier caliper: it is a kind of measuring tool for measuring length, inner and outer diameter and depth. Vernier caliper is composed of main ruler and sliding vernier attached to main ruler.
Laser rangefinder: an instrument that uses a certain parameter of modulated laser to measure the distance of the target. The measurement range of laser rangefinder is 3.5 ~ 5000 meters.

Horizontal and vertical inspection tools
Hanging line: a tool used by bricklayer and carpenter to lift heavy objects to form a vertical line for straightening.
Vertical angle measuring ruler: to detect the deviation of perpendicularity, flatness and levelness of the object plane.
Laser level: an instrument with laser guiding device to measure the height difference of ground benchmark.
Inside and outside right angle measuring ruler: used to detect the deviation of inside and outside right angles on objects, and the perpendicularity and levelness of general plane.

Mark record tool
Although the marking tools are small, they can not be ignored. The marking tools often used in decoration are pencils, color pens, notes, notebooks, etc.

Structural demolition and renovation tools
Hammer: it's an old-fashioned tool for demolishing walls. Generally, it takes time and effort to hit from top to bottom.
Electric hammer: mainly used to drill holes in concrete, floor, brick wall and stone.
Percussion drill: it works by rotation and impact. It can be used in natural stone or concrete.

Slotting tool
There are many kinds of slotting tools, among which the water and electricity slotting machine is a more professional one, which can open different angles, widths and depths of trunking at one time without other auxiliary tools. In addition, grooving can also be done with an electric drill, but the grooving is generally rough.

Hydropower construction tools
Waterway construction tools: connecting water pipes to form a water pipeline route is the significance of waterway construction. In the process of connection, the water pipe material needs to be cut. At this time, professional pipe shear and PPR heat sealing machine are needed.
Circuit construction tools: during the circuit construction, the tools that need to be used first are tools for cutting wires, such as wire strippers; in addition, springs for bending pipes, steel wires for threading, electrician knives, etc.

Water and electricity acceptance tools
Waterway acceptance tools: it is necessary to do the pressure test of water pipe to detect whether the water pipe can bear a certain range of pressure. This is a common method to ensure the reliability of water pipe connection in the later stage. The tools used are mainly pressure pumps.
Circuit acceptance tool: use resistance meter to check whether there is current in each circuit. Current indicates normal use. Weak current also needs to be tested to check whether each line is unblocked.

Tiling tools
Ceramic tile and mortar loading container: before tile paving, it needs to be soaked in water, so it needs to use the bucket or basin to soak ceramic tile.
Ceramic tile cutting tools: in the actual process of tile paving, its size should be adjusted, so the ceramic tile cutting machine or ceramic tile cutting knife should be used.
Plastering tools: mainly used for plastering, plastering, plastering, etc. There are many products of trowel, and the bricklayer can choose any one.
Leveling tools: commonly used tools are hanging wire, leveling ruler and tile leveler, which can be selected on demand.

Floor mounting tool
The electric tools include disc saw, angle grinder, curve saw, ball mill, accumulation type sander, etc.; the manual tools include ink line, steel tape, angle ruler, signature pen, drawstring, hammer, punch, scraper, etc.

Floor heating installation tools
The tools needed for the installation of floor heating are external wire joint, external wire movable joint, stop valve, raw material belt, adjustable wrench, pipe pliers, cutter, hot melter, etc. After the installation and fixation of all parts of the floor heating, it is not allowed to dismantle and modify them at will. During the decoration, it is strictly forbidden to drill holes, drill holes and nail on the ground surface.

It is used for surface polishing of raw edge after cutting. It can easily produce snowflake and wavy lines with different precision.

Pistol drill
The electric hand drill is a small, portable drilling tool, which is composed of a small motor, a control switch, and a drill bit.

Cutting tools
Saws: big saws, second saws, small saws, wire saws, knife saws, etc., mainly used for transverse cutting and longitudinal decomposition of wood.
Axe: it is mainly used for cutting wood. The single blade is suitable for fine processing, while the double blade is suitable for rough processing.
Chisel: it is the main tool for the combination of wood structure in traditional woodworking technology, and is used for the production of chiseling, hollowing, grooving and shoveling.
Spade: is one of the commonly used traditional tools, mainly used to spade local plane. The shape is thinner than chisel and the angle of blade is smaller than shovel.

Planing tool
Planing: when the board is uneven and the edge is not neat, the surface of the wood can be smoothed by using a scratch.
Electric saw blade: cemented carbide saw blade can cut the plate into multiple plates in one processing.

Drilling tools
Impact drill: use the gears on the inner shaft to beat each other to achieve the impact effect, the impact force is far less than the electric hammer.
Electric drill: drive the working device through the transmission mechanism to drive the gear to increase the power of the drill, so as to make the drill scrape the surface of the object and better penetrate the object.

Nailing tools
There are two common nail tools, one is the common hammer, the second is the code nail gun. The size of nails driven by hand hammer is larger than that driven by yard hammer.