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Proper use of percussion drill

The correct use of percussion drill
(1) Before operation, it is necessary to check whether the power supply is consistent with the conventional rated voltage of 220 V on the electric tools, so as to avoid wrong connection to the 380 V power supply.
(2) Before using the percussion drill, please carefully check the insulation protection of the machine body, the adjustment of the auxiliary handle and the depth gauge, and whether the screw of the machine is loose.
(3) The impact drill must be installed into the alloy steel impact drill or universal drilling drill within the allowable range of 6-25mm according to the material requirements. It is forbidden to use drill beyond the scope.
(4) The wire of percussion drill shall be well protected. It is strictly forbidden to drag the wire all over the ground to prevent it from being damaged or cut. Moreover, it is not allowed to drag the wire into the oil water to prevent oil and water from corroding the wire.
(5) The power socket of impact drill must be equipped with leakage switch device, and check whether the power cord is damaged. When the impact drill is found to have leakage, abnormal vibration, high heat or abnormal sound, stop working immediately, and find an electrician to check and repair in time.
(6) When the drill bit is replaced by the percussion drill, the special wrench and the bit locking key shall be used to prevent the percussion drill from being knocked by non special tools.
(7) When using the percussion drill, remember not to use too much force or skew operation. Before using the percussion drill, be sure to install the appropriate drill bit and adjust the depth gauge of the percussion drill. When operating vertically and evenly, use the force slowly and evenly. Do not use the super large drill bit by force.
(8) Master and operate the forward and reverse steering control mechanism, screw tightening and tapping functions.