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How to choose suitable electric drill

Electric drill is a kind of electric tool often used in daily life. There are many electric drill series products in the market, such as electric hand drill, impact drill, electric hammer, electric pick and so on. So how can we choose our own electric drill? Naturally, we should choose according to our own needs.

How to choose suitable electric drill
If you want to choose a suitable electric drill, you need to know the application scope of each electric drill, and then choose the right kind of electric drill according to your own needs. At present, electric drills on the market mainly include ordinary electric hand drill, impact drill, electric hammer and electric pick. Their working principle and power are different, so the applicable objects are also very different. The details are as follows:

1: Electric hand drill
The electric hand drill only has rotation mode, which is especially suitable for drilling on materials requiring small force, such as cork, metal, brick, ceramic tile, etc. The electric drill only relies on the driving gear driven by the motor to increase the force of the bit rotation, so that the bit can scrape through the metal, wood and other materials.
Applicable objects: screw up, furniture assembly, installation of shelves, TV, curtains, etc.
2: Percussion drill
Percussion drill works by rotation and impact, and can be used for natural stone or concrete. When the percussion drill works, there is an adjusting knob at the bit chuck, which can adjust the ordinary electric hand drill and the percussion drill. Therefore, it not only has the function of the ordinary electric hand drill, but also can drill reinforced concrete like an electric hammer, but the effect is not good.
Applicable objects: wood, metal, ceramic tile drilling, concrete drilling below 10 mm.
3: Electric hammer
Electric hammers rely on rotation and hammering to work. A single hammering force is very high, and has a hammering frequency of 1000 to 3000 per minute, which can produce significant force. Compared with percussion drills, electric hammers require minimal pressure to drill into hard materials, such as stone and concrete, especially relatively hard concrete.
Applicable objects: hard concrete, stone drilling, professional installation, engineering construction drilling.
4: Electric pick
Electric pick is a double insulated hand-held electric tool driven by single-phase series excitation motor, which makes use of the power of the motor to make the pick have the effect of chiseling the ground. Its power is very high, full of power, completely fearless of hard concrete and stone, but the pick of the electric pick does not rotate, it can only dig.
Applicable objects: construction engineering construction, crushing, chiseling, digging, slotting and cutting of concrete, masonry and asphalt pavement.