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How to purchase power tools?

Compared with the traditional hand tools, the charging power tools have quickly captured the hearts of the majority of users with their small size, convenient carrying, strong function, time and labor-saving characteristics. Whether working at home or on the construction site, we are more inclined to use charging tools, so how to purchase charging tools? Is it brand recognition or price? Now I'd like to introduce it to you. I hope it can help you.
Understand the classification of electric tools
Before selecting electric tools, we should be familiar with their classification, and their functions in different fields are also different.
According to different fields of operation, electric tools can be divided into assembly electric tools, grinding electric tools, railway electric tools and metal cutting electric tools. Electric tools with large volume include electric hammer, electric screw driver, electric drill, electric wrench, cutting machine and so on. Moreover, now many electric tools are more and more functional, one dual-use or even three-use are normal, and the convenience is greatly increased.

Observe the quality of electric tools
There are some tricks to judge whether the quality of an electric tool is good or bad. The first is the appearance quality. Observe whether the appearance is defective and whether the handle is good. Electric tools with good appearance quality have uniform color and no obvious defects. The second is to check whether the product structure is complete. Refer to the instruction manual to see if there is a default. A lot of small bumps, if you don't look carefully, you really can't find out. The third is to check whether the material is strong and durable and not easy to wear and tear. Fourth, it is also very important to check whether the 3C certificate is consistent with the nameplate parameters of the tool. It is better to check whether the 3C certificate of the tool is currently valid.

Understand the application of electric tools
Before purchasing electric tools, you must be clear about what you want to do with electric work, and find the answer with the questions. Otherwise, we may make a joke of "killing chickens with ox knives". Therefore, before purchasing electric tools, we should first make sure whether to buy electric tools for home decoration or construction site engineering. If it is for home decoration, you can buy smaller power electric tools In case of construction site, electric tools with higher power should be purchased.