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How to Choose Electric Tools

(1) First of all, according to your own needs, the difference is whether it is for home use or professional use. Generally, the difference between professional and general domestic electric tools is mainly in power. The power of professional electric tools is larger, the power of general domestic tools is smaller, the input power is smaller, and the convenience of highly integrated electric tools is higher than that of bulk.Can be a single product.Therefore, when choosing power tools with rich functions, compact size, simple structure and easy acceptance, it is necessary to purchase power tools with clear case of outer package, normal appearance of power tools without breakage, complete plastic parts, no visible silk and indentation, no scratches or knock marks, smooth, beautiful and no defect of related coatings, and no surface of the whole machine.Oil stain and stain, flat handle of switch, length of cable is not less than 2M in general related marks of power tools are clear, complete, parameters, manufacturers, certificates, etc. All have hand-holding tools, power on, frequently operate the switch to make the tool start frequently, observe whether the tool switch's on-off function is reliable, affect the TV/fluorescent lamp on-site, and so on, to judge the toolWhether the power tool with anti-jamming suppressor is powered on for 1 minute, the vibration is sensed and the sparks in the direction of commutation are observed, and the air inlet is normal.
(2) Select an electric tool with noise within the allowable range.
(3) Select the power tools with easy-to-maintain and easy-to-obtain accessories.
(4) Select the power tool to pay attention to the power voltage used. In general, handheld power tools need to provide 22V municipal power as an energy driver, do not connect to 380V industrial power, otherwise the machine will be damaged.

Buying Skills for Electric Tools
1. If you often drill holes in concrete walls, a two-kilogram hammer is your best choice.Due to the cylinder structure of the electric hammer, the impact force is very high and has a frequency of 1,000 to 3,000 beats per minute, which produces significant force and makes it easy for you to drill holes in concrete walls.With a adapter rod and a clip of an ordinary electric drill, it can also complete the function of the electric drill for multi-purpose use.It is a speed-adjusting hammer + adapter bar + 13mm electric drill clip, which only needs a few hundred yuan, with a few common drills, then most of the decoration tasks in your home can be completed by yourself.

2. If in addition to drilling concrete holes, drilling holes in wood and metal should also be taken into account, and drilling holes in concrete should be less than 10mm, impact drilling can be considered. Impact drilling against bevel gears has a lower impact than electric hammer.
3. If you often tighten or loosen the screw, or punch holes in the board or iron, you can purchase a rechargeable electric screwdriver, which is the most convenient tool in both areas.The rechargeable electric screwdriver plus a set of screwdriver sets makes it easy to get the job at hand.

4. You all know that the electric drill is suitable for drilling holes in wooden or iron boards, but don't expect it to drill holes in concrete walls as much as possible. It will easily damage the machine. A electric drill is the most economical electric tool, even if it is imported, it only needs a few hundred yuan.
5. Curve saw, if you have a strong ability to do some furniture or styling by yourself, you will certainly need it. Fix suitable sawing bars on it. Wood, iron, plastic, stainless steel and so on will soon be able to process your desired shape under your hands. You can choose various types of curve saw to create your own shape.