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Maintenance of electric chain saws and precautions before operation

The chain and the guide plate should not be too tight. During the operation of the electric chain saw, lubricate with oil for 10 minutes to maintain the guide plate and the chain. At the same time, the variable box of the electric chain saw also needs glycerin a year ago, and the motor often needs to change the carbon brush, about half a year. Matters needing attention before operation:

1. Wear shoes when working.

2. Obesity, open clothes and shorts are not allowed during the operation, and decorations such as ties, bracelets and anklets are not allowed.

3. Carefully check the degree of wear of the saw chain, guide plate, sprocket and other components and the tension of the saw chain, adjust and replace.

4. Check whether the electric chain saw switch, the power connector is firmly connected, and the cable layer is worn.

5. Check the operation site and reduce stones, metal objects, branches and other discarded objects.

6. Choose the evacuation channel before the operation.


1. When the processed original strip is within 1.5m of the conveyor, no operation is allowed.

2. Before the power is turned on, the electric chain saw switch is turned off to reduce accidental initiation.

3. Initiate an electric chain saw idling for 1 min before making materials to check whether the operation is normal.

4. When initiating or operating, hands and feet must not be close to the rotating parts, especially above and below the chain

5. Check the blown fuse or relay trip.

6. Do not allow line load operation and high-capacity fuses.

7. Operate the electric chain saw with both hands.

8. Be sure to stand firm during the operation. Do not stand under the original strips or logs and may operate on the original strips or logs that may roll over.

9. When the shortcomings of the clip saw are used, special attention should be paid to the assistant staff.

10. During the operation, the sawn wood structure should be lubricated and cooled.

11. When sawing the original strip, pay attention to the intention of the wood, and lift the electric chain saw after sawing.

12. Turn off the switch of the electric chain saw first during the transfer operation. It is not allowed to run during the transfer.