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Application and future development of electric tools

Those who are engaged in the electric tool industry or in the electric power industry all know the application field and industry status of the electric tool industry. Today, we are going to popularize the application field and industry status of the electric tool industry in order to let more people know and understand the industry.

Application field of electric tools
1. Drilling, sawing, polishing, derusting, grinding and fastening of screws, bolts and nuts in mechanical industry.
2. Cement drilling, reinforcement planting, wall slotting, concrete mixing, tile cutting, etc.
3. Water conservancy construction, tunnel construction, rock excavation and concrete consolidation in farmland and mine.
4. In the construction of horticulture and forestry, logging, tree planting, pruning, lawn repair, broken branches, etc.
5. Sawing, planing, cutting, carving and polishing in wood processing and manufacturing.
6. In addition, there are some applications in medical industry, arts and crafts industry and other special industries, so the application of electric tools has been in-depth in all walks of life, very extensive.

Analysis on the future development direction of electric tools
1. The transformation of power supply mode and the wide application of lithium battery new energy are the development trend. However, the main reason why lithium battery can not replace DC power tools for the time being is that the power generated by lithium battery is low and has no durability, which can not meet the requirements of large-scale and high-intensity construction. However, the emergence of lithium-ion power tools brings another development direction to the current industry.
2. The popularization of electric tools at home is a trend that is taking place now and is bound to trend in the future, which requires the multi-purpose of one machine and the compound of electric tools. These problems are still being solved.
3. With the continuous innovation of electronic technology, motor technology is also changing, and there is a qualitative leap. Slowly, the technology is more advanced, the design is more concise, the use and maintenance are more aspects, and the performance is better.
4. The emergence of intelligent interactive system is to make the power tools step forward, make the tools more intelligent development, let them gradually enter the family, affect human life and promote the continuous development of human beings.